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Q1. How Do I Sell My Hair
1. Register for an account.
2. Click “Post an Ad” button in the top right and follow the simple listing instructions
3. Wait for buyers to make you an offer!

Q2. What Kinds of Hair Can be Sold?

To get a better offer we suggest that you wait till you are ready to sell at least 15 inches.  Most of the hair sold on the website are used to make wigs and this is the often the minimum length to be used in wig making. Prices would go up as the length and thickness of the hair increases. You can also expect better offers if your hair is of uniform thickness so that more of the length can be used for wig making.

Q3. How do I pay for ads or membership?

We will send you an invoice with a link for making the payment. Currently we are not charging for ads or for membership. This is however a limited time offer and we plan to make available payment based ads and memberships later on.

Q4. How does Sellmyhaironline make money?
For now Sellmyhaironline makes money from a 10% commissions fee it charges on the hair being sold. We will send you an invoice once you mark the hair as sold. Our website is based on trust and we trust that you will mark your hair as sold once it actually sells. If you are planning to sell your hair to make ends meet or to donate to a charity, we can forego are fees. Write to us and we will make it work. A lot of hair can actually sells for a lot of money. If you prefer to pay fees upfront and not pay the commission, please use the contact form to get in touch with us. The advertising fee will be 10 USD (INR 500) for a 90 days listing or 20 USD (INR 1000) for a 180 days listing.

Q5. How do I measure hair thickness?
This is the thickness/circumference of hair when clumped. Wrap the hair in a ponytail and take the measurement just beneath the hair band.

Q6. How Do I contact a Seller?
You must register first on the “Sellmyhaironine” website. You can then contact the seller through the contact box on their advert page.

Q7. How Do I Upgrade my listing to a Featured Advert?
You can upgrade your listing to a featured advert by contacting us through the “Contact Us” link. Featured listings will cost INR 250 (USD 5)and we will send you an invoice directly. On completing payment, we will move your ad to the featured listing section.

Q8. My Featured Advert has expired, what do I do now?
If you purchased a featured advert which has been running for 3 months and haven’t sold your hair, simply drop us an email asking for the advert to be relisted.

Q9. How will buyers contact me?
Contact from buyers will go directly to the inbox of the email account you signed up with. It is always worth checking the spam folder just in case mail gets directed there.

Q10. How should I ask for payment?
You can use Paypal, PayTM or NEFT. Many of these options allow you to directly send an invoice to the buyer’s email or phone number.

Q11. What should I do if someone offers to pay through Western Union, MoneyGram, Ukash or a cashier/certified check?

Q12. What should I do if someone asks for Video Evidence of the cut?
Generally we do not advise this procedure before payment has been received. Of course you can offer this service after the money for the purchase has been received as proof of the cut.

Q13. How should I Post my Hair?
Always use a recorded and if possible insured postal method. This is so if there is any dispute with the buyer after purchase you have proof the item was sent and received.

Q14. What are the most important things to bear in mind when selling hair?
Never cut hair prior to payment received.
Ignore emails from people offering cashier/certified checks, western union, moneygram and report them to us using the contact form. Never give out financial or personal information. Read the “Safety Tips” page

Q15. What are the most important things to bear in mind when buying hair?
Never wire funds via Western Union, MoneyGram or other wire services. Ask questions to the buyer and get more pictures if you need to better understand the quality of hair.

Q16. Can the Sellmyhaironline.com team do something to stop scammers?
Our idea behind setting up this website was to provide an EFFICIENT and SAFE online marketplace to buy and sell hair. To make this happen we scrutinize each new user registering on our website. The details of the users are checked against a number of scammer databases and any accounts identified as scammers are promptly deactivated. We also encourage you to get in touch with us in case you run into unprofessional behavior with either a buyer or seller during the course of a transaction so that we might take appropriate action.