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Selling Hair

Selling your hair at “sellmyhaironline” should be quick and easy. Register for an account on the website, click the “Post An Ad” button and decide what type of listing you want. You have to fill up an online form which gives details about the hair being sold. Be sure to include original and good quality pictures for the hair.

  • Be accurate in your Ad description. The quality of human hair is obvious to hair buyers, misdescription means they might ask to be refunded and you will have wasted your time and money sending the hair.
  • Upload pictures of your hair. Good quality pictures will allow prospective buyers to see the quality of hair to understand if they are interested in a purchase. Some of the typical pictures which can be used are listed below
    • Picture from the back showing the length of hair you are planning to cut.  Have a tape measure in the picture beside the hair as well to show the length in inches.
    • Thickness of the hair at the point of the cut by typing the hair in a tight ponytail at the point of the cut and use the tape measure to show the thickness in inches.
    • I would also suggest adding a picture in a tight braid so that prospective buyers can better understand how the thickness of the hair changes across its length.
    • To protect your privacy feel free to not include a picture from the showing your face
  • When you have received payment, you can proceed to cut your hair! Make one or two ponytails and secure with a tight rubber band. You can put one or two more rubber bands throughout the length of the hair to keep it more secure. The idea is that cut hair doesn’t come loose during transport. Now make the cut above the rubber band. Put the cut ponytail into a Ziploc bag or wrap tightly in paper. Finally put the hair in an envelope of small cardboard box and mail to buyer through registered mail or a private courier company.